Sprayrose Foundation

About Us

The World of Sprayroses is an unique collective of leading and passionate sprayrose growers
with the ambition to represent the showcase of the endless possibilities of beautiful Sprayroses worldwide.

Together with our global partners, we facilitate a platform for the promotion
and support of Sprayroses worldwide. A strong team of Ambassadors will create the best tools
to promote Sprayroses in general.

In the world map below you can find all our member and their location.

World of Sprayroses

Our Goals

The objectives of the World of Sprayroses are:

  • Showing the endless possibilities of Spray Roses
  • Inspire florists, designers, event planners and others in the floriculture sector
  • Creating an alliance of Ambassadors
  • Promoting and develop the product and brand of Sprayroses worldwide.

The Ambassadors of the World of Sprayroses also support the protection of the environment worldwide.
Whenever possible we support initiatives that promote the well-being of flora and fauna.

strong together

facts & figures 2021

An overview of the most important facts and figures of the participating members of the World of Sprayroses.

Hectares worldwide
More than 1 billion stems of sprayroses are sold every year
Hundreds of different varieties are available in the market
There are four main types of sprayroses: regular, premium, trendsetter and flow
The first sprayrose was discovered in 1982
There are thirty main sprayrose growers
Thousands of people work with sprayroses everyday

the power of the alliance

Brand values

With our brand values we show who we are, where we stand for and what we can be recognized by.
We use these values in our promotion activities to be as distinctive and unique as possible.


Passion for products, a good result due to passion


Awareness of the Sprayroses and its beauty


Inspire the world with the diversity of the product

Global Connection

Connect all worldwide lovers of this versatile product