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Beauté et Bonte


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South Korea designer

Beaute et Bonte a renowned flower design studio and school in Seoul, South Korea. Led by the talented and experienced florist, Teacher Joohee Jeong, Beaute et Bonte has been at the forefront of floral artistry for over 22 years. Known for her exceptional skills and creative vision, Joohee Jeong has become a beacon of inspiration for many aspiring florists.


At Beaute et Bonte, they believe in the transformative power of beautiful colors. By combining beautiful colors, with different flowers and materials, they create a world of unparalleled design. Whether you are looking for exquisite floral arrangements or seeking to learn the art of floristry, Beaute et Bonte is the perfect place to explore and cultivate your passion for flowers.

Creating Luxury and artistic floral designs..

Katya Hutter

Owner and Founder


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