Katya Hutter

 World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsKatya Hutter World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsKatya HutterFloral ArtistIntroducing Katya Hutter, a floral designer based in Amsterdam, specialising in creating luxury and artistic floral decors and private clients, weddings…

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Hanneke Frankema

 World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsHanneke Frankema World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsHanneke FrankemaInternational Floral DesignerMy name is Hanneke Frankema and I am 40 years old and come from the Netherlands. I live in a…

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Yusif Khalilov

 World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsYusif Khalilov World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsYusif KhalilovFloral ArtistStory: I am a floral and Art Designer.I was born in Baku, raised in Moscow then moved to reside with my…

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Dmitry Turcan

 World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsDmitry Turcan World of Sprayroses AmbassadorsDmitry TurcanInternational floral designerEver since I was a child I have lived among roses, lilies and chrysanthemums: my family exports from the Netherlands.…

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A rainbow of colours and petals

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Enter the mesmerizing World of Sprayroses, where beauty knows no bounds. These delicate blooms, characterized by their abundant clusters and a wide range of hues, offer a rainbow of colours and petals. In this blog, we will delve into the enchanting World of Sprayroses and explore the captivating variety of colours and petal shapes that make them a beloved choice for floral arrangements, from vibrant bouquets to charming centrepieces.

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Online Now!

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We are online! Get to know us  on our website and all social media platforms. The World of Sprayroses and its members will profit you with the latest styles, trends and…

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